EZ Dual Changer

Patent no. 9,695,020

The EZ Dual Changer is Manufactured and sold exclusively by Bierman Sales LLC

The new EZ Dual Changer has proved to be very beneficial when changing duals on large machinery, such as tractors and combines. Farmers, Implement dealers and tire service centers all over the US and Canada are using the EZ Dual Changer. They all agree there is nothing easier or safer than the EZ Dual Changer when it comes to changing your duals. One small mistake the old way can be hazardous, cost you thousands of dollars in doctor bills, work comp claims, or your life.

Change your duals in just 5 minutes!

Now you can change your duals by yourself in just 5 minutes. The EZ Dual Changer can be hung from a chain hoist, front end loader, forklift, or service truck boom. The tire is held securly in place and turns easily on wheels and rollers to assist in lining up the lug nuts. The EZ Dual Changer can handle tires as wide as 32" and lift up to 3000 pounds. Patent no. 9,695,020.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Hang the EZ Dual Changer from your chain hoist, front end loader, forklift, or service truck boom.
  2. Slide the EZ Dual Changer over the tire and move into position for mounting.
  3. Align the rim by rotating the tire so the holes line up, and bolt in place.

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EZ Dual Changer Products

Name Description Price
View Model 51 Fits all 14.9",18.4" and 20.8" tires or 380 to 520 metric. Weight cap. 1500 pounds. $450.00
View Model 55 Fits all 580 to 710 metric or 23" to 28" wide. Weight cap.1500 pounds $465.00
View 2" Rollers (set of 4) 2" rollers for Combine Duals fits models 51 and 55 $50.00
View Model 830 Heavy Duty Fits tire sizes 14.9",18.4" 20.8" or 320 metric to 520 metric with 1500# weights in dual $555.00
View Model 836 Heavy Duty Fits all 18.4" to 28" or 480 to 710 metric tires with 1500# weights in dual. $575.00
View 2" Rollers w/ Quick Change Pins 2" Rollers for Combine Duals fits models 830,836 and 850 $120.00
View Model 850 Heavy Duty Fits tire sizes 23" to 32" or 580 to 800 metric with 1500# weights in the dual. $595.00
View 830 Combo Unit Model 830 with 850 arms and 2" quick change pins $880.00

30 Day Return Policy

If you return your product within 30 days of purchase date in good condition. You will be refunded your purchase price, less 15% restocking fee. Freight not refundable.


All products carry a one year warranty on material and workmanship.